Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blue Sky Blessings

"Nature" was the topic of the week.  In the summer, spring or fall this would have been a fun topic.  In the winter, with no snow and everything "dead" is kind of difficult.  But today was a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, it was 40+ degrees outside and Adam and I were up for an adventure.  So we went in search of a lake in Mount Pleasant.  We found a cute little lake that had a park with a walking path.  So we parked the car, climbed a fence and walked the path.  The the sky so blue and the sun shining it made the berch trees very beautiful.  It was fun to be out on a nice day shooting photos with my fiance and enjoying God's creation.  Even in winter, when there aren't beautiful colors, we can still find and appreciate what God has created and blessed us with. Enjoy this 52nd photo of Nature :)

1 comment:

  1. WEEK 52!! Are you done with the challenge or will you be taking on another 52 weeks? It was a pleasure seeing all of your pictures and following your blog over the last year.