Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let The Games Begin

Adam and I (Erica) have a passion for taking photos.  However, the past several months we have lacked in our efforts to go out and find something to photograph.  From this is where Adam's idea of a year long "photo assignment" if you will, came from.  We know of a photographer who set out to take 1 photo a which we say...GOOD FOR YOU!  Adam and I however do not have the time to commit to taking 1 photo a day.  Therefore, we have decided to take 1 photo a week. 

Now, we could have left it at just that.  Take 1 photo a week of anything you feel like.  But, for those of you who know Adam and Erica, we like to add twists of excitement and originality to what we do.  So what is our twist to this once a week photo assignment you may ask?  I shall explain.  Last night we sat on the couch with 26 pieces of cut up paper, a pen and a cook book to write on.  We proceeded to write 26 different descriptions, words or phrases in which we would have to photograph in the coming weeks.  Once we wrote our words down, we folded them up and tossed them into Adam's fluorescent "cat-in-the-hat" hat.  You may be thinking this is where it ends, but oh no, there is more.  From here we decided we should have rules for our 52 week venture.  So I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down our rules, which are as follows:
RULES as of 8:20pm on Friday, January 28th, 2011
1. Every Sunday we are to pick a new topic from the hat
2. We are required to post 1 photo a week on the topic from the hat
3. Photos must be posted by sun-down on Saturday
4. All photos must have a title or description
6. If asked you have to share with the other person how you took or accomplished your final photo
7. If you do not complete your photo assignment you owe the other person dinner
8. Photos must be taken between the time of pulling the topic from the hat and sundown Saturday of that week.  There is to be no archiving of photos
9. If the word/topic pulled from hat cannot be accomplished due to weather you may call "weather", return topic to hat and pull a new topic
10. You are not to put-down, make fun of, or criticize the other persons photo.
11. Photos can be taken together if agreed upon that you are going out together to take photos to either complete or work towards assignment.
12. Photos can be taken with any camera you won but it must be specified which camera you used.

After we accomplished our rules, I read them allowed and both Adam and I signed and dated them.

So what is left to do?  Pick our first topic!  Being that this is the very first topic we decided to pull it on Friday, but agreed we could not start working on it until Sunday.

Are you dying to find out what our first assignment is???  To Adams dismay (even though, mind you, HE wrote this one down), our first assignment is

Stay tuned for our weekly postings and to see what types of interpretations we come up with for each topic.  We look forward to sharing our 52 week journey with you and eachother.


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