Sunday, July 17, 2011

And the Hat has spoken...

I'm excited to be able to write what our topic is this week.  The past several months Adam has taken over the task of sharing what our topic for the week is.  Today, I, Erica, am going to share with you what our task is for this week.  After coming home from a VERY charismatic experience that both Adam and I feel we can check off our "bucket-list"....if you are curious about this you can ask one of us about it's a good story :).  ANYWAY, when we got home, we sat and discussed wedding stuff for a bit and then Adam grabbed our favorite "Cat-in-the-hat" Hat.  I reached in and grabbed our topic for the week.  Adam was VERY excited that this week is something that will be "easy" with a lot of options.  Come back later and find out how we chose to photograph:

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