Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enjoying Summer

Today, Sunday, we spent the day at Adam's sister and brother-in-laws house celebrating Adam's mom's birthday.  Being that Adam lives in Mount Pleasant and doesn't have "easy access" to children to photograph, we made an exception to the rule and decided to wait until today to photograph our topic.  I had a major blonde moment this morning and didn't even think about the fact that I needed to bring my camera along.  Lucky for me I have a very loving, understanding and sharing fiance.  Adam allowed me to use his camera to capture some photos of the kids eating ice cream.  So after Alaina's little snooze on me, we got up, got her some ice cream and went outside to enjoy it.  I took a bunch of photos, looked through them on Adam's photo and chose this one as my favorite.  When Adam got home and settled he emailed me the image...and this is what we have.  A photo of Alaina enjoying summer with a yummy icecream cone and sprinkles. :)  I love kid :)

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