Sunday, August 7, 2011

We scream for ICE CREAM

This is Evan, I am proud to call this little boy my nephew.  He is good kid, he loves his parents, his sister, his family, Jesus, tractors, guitar music, cob corn and ice cream.  It wasn't hard to convince him to eat an ice cream cone.  He was busy eating and I was just busy shooting photos of him, in the past I had a hard time photographing him cause every frame I shot he wanted to see it, the fun of digital I guess.  Well today he was more into the cone...I like to tell people a good photo captures a moment.  I look at this photo of Evan and can tell he has reached that point when he realized he ate the cold ice cream a little to fast and he has a bit of the brain and tummy freeze.
I have to thank my siblings: one for providing the child and the other for the ice cream and cones

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