Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'll Drink to That

Lips could be a really fun topic if you have really awesome makeup, maybe and airbrush kit and a model; all of which I do not have.  So I went for the 2nd best thing.  My own lips, lipstick, a glass, a chair, a dark sheet and a light from Adam.  Oh and of course, a beverage.  If you are a girl/woman who wears any sort of lip anything you know that when you take a drink out of glass after freshly applying lipstick you leave a residue on your glass.  It's an imprint of your lip.  So I decided that this is what I would photograph this week.  I must say I am proud of my "out of the box" thinking, because usually Adam is the out of the box thinker and I am the literalist. :)  Yes, I am patting my own back.

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