Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The whole You Me and 52 Weeks thing is a difficult thing to under take.  Every week the hat gives you a topic, every week.  When the topic comes out, my mind starts up; ideas start to pop in, I start to see photo ideas.  This week, not so much.  Nothing came.  I mean the topic was A PERSON, how hard could that be?  It was hard, I see people all the time, I could have easily taken a photo of anyone, doing anything, but nothing came, my mind didn't churn anything up.  So I ended up grabbing my gear and hitting the road on my bike.  I was gonna enjoy the beautiful night and find people.  I ended up at the ball field and found people.  This blog was to push us as photographer, and it did this week. Once at the ball field I wanted to take a photo that captured the essence of the pitcher and I think I did with this one.  It is a person and an athlete. 


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