Friday, June 17, 2011


When you live in Mt.P it is a little hard to find BOATS, but I had a brillant idea to go to Bay City.  I had never been there, and Erica was in town.  It was to be an adventure.  I figured Bay City had to be like Saugatuck or similar-Bay City, it had to have at least a Bay.   So we hopped in the car, and headed east.  I figured we would hit the lake eventually...Not so much, I was actually at one point wondering "it's a great lake, we should be able to find it."  We had to turn around and followed the map and we found water.  Bay City has a beautiful channel, but no boats on the day we need to find a boat.  We ate lunch and looked around, took some photos of eachother and then we saw a boat, a big BOAT.  So here is my photo of a BOAT.


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