Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Number Two

Last night, as Adam, Blodge, Grit and I were hanging out watching the superbowl, Adam remembered we had not picked out second topic.  Blodge was a bit confused because he had not seen our blog yet.  So we explained to him what we were doing.  As a way of "welcome", Adam decided it would be a good idea to allow Blodge to pick our next topic.  Adam ran upstairs, grabbed our fluorescent "cat-in-the-hat" hat and handed it to Blodge.  We shook the hat, and shook it some more, and just for good measure, we shook it again.  He reaches in, grabs a piece of paper and goes to read the topic, but WAIT!  He grabbed 2!  Luckily he had not looked at either of the topics and therefore randomly selected one to put back in the hat.  The moment has arrived!  Drum-roll please! He opens the piece of paper, and our topic is....

I'm sure the majority of you can about guess what Adam's response was...again...he was not happy.  Come to find out, the problem he needs to move on from is that he has ideas for some of the topics he put into the hat.  But alas, those topics have not come up yet.  I believe though, once he calmed down and got whatever it is out of his system, he started warming up to our next topic.

With this we start our 2nd week of our photo journey.  We can't wait to show you our interpretations of love in a photo.  Stay tuned!

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