Friday, May 13, 2011

Sassy at any Age

A big thank you to my mom for humbling herself to be my model for this weeks photo.  I wanted to do something kind of senior photoish but still kind of artsy.  I think that I accomplished this with this photo.  I do have to say I'm really wondering what in the world I was thinking when I put some of these topics in the hat.  But, Adam and I are both being troopers and pushing through my odd topics that keep seeming to be picked.
Thank you dedicated blog followers for coming back each week to see what kind of craziness comes up. :)


  1. Omyword...when I first glanced at this pic I thought it was YOU. You look so much like you mom! Great pic. Mom looks young, hot, and sassy!

  2. LOL! Yea, there's definitely no denying she's my mom :) Thanks Mar!