Saturday, May 28, 2011


Earlier this week I received a text from Adam telling me that he had a fun weekend planned for us but I wasn't allowed to ask any questions and I would receive an email of rules and regulations.  This then turned into an email with a packing list.  An email from one person telling me to have fun in Traverse City and another telling me how excited he was to see us in Chicago this weekend.  Needless to say there was a lot of confusion, suspense and frustration!  But when I got to Mount Pleasant this morning with a trunk filled with my entire wardrobe, there stood Adam in his apartment with cards saying what he was afraid he wouldn't be able to say.  And in the end, he was down on one knee "producing" a ring for me.  I couldn't speak, so I just nodded.  Which he later confirmed that I did indeed say "YES".  So being that this week is "produce"...Adam and I have gone with a theme...Adam PRODUCED a ring, and I said Yes!  :)


  1. So happy for you dear friend! Can't wait to hear all about the occasion! Congratulations!

  2. congratulations you two!!!
    this whole story is so cute. & it seems like a perfect addition to your story together. =].
    congrats again.