Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm cheating

So I'm moving.  Moving north to Mt. Pleasant.  Moving out of a house and back into an apartment.  I have been living in that house for almost 5 years with a buddy of mine and over that time I have collected many things.  One of those things were a few pets.  Our first pets were turtles, but we had to set them free.  We then got lonely, so we got cats.  We adapted the cats from the Wyoming Animal Clinic, and I will tell you what, I love kittens.  We got two cats, I picked one out and so did my roommate, I named mine Chainsaw, and my roommates named his Derby.  The two cats have been best friends ever since ( I actually believe they are brothers).  Derby is a pretty cool cat, very fun and adventurous, Chainsaw on the other hand is a nuisance, he meows continuously and begs for food every time you go near his bowl.  When informed my roommate I was moving out, he paused and then asked if I were going to take Chainsaw with me cause he eats too much.  It was an easy decision to make, I can't split the team up, so Chainsaw has to stay behind.  He is currently my pet, but I move on Saturday an he is staying behind, so he will no longer be my pet.  We will visit occasionally, but he will be missed.   On a side note, it was my topic this week, and my intentions when I wrote it down was to go the zoo, didn't have the time this week, which kinda makes me sad.


This photo was taken with my iphone

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