Friday, March 4, 2011


My passion from photography comes from this man, my father.  As I thought about a "Family" photo a photo of my father was the first to come to mind.   I have many memories of my childhood and all those memories include one thing, my dad taking pictures of us (my siblings and I) standing infront of something.  Everywhere we went dad had his camera, and we all knew we would be posed and our picture would be taken.  Disney World was suppose to be the greatest place for a child, but just think of all the photos that we had to pose for, fountains, characters, landmarks...I guess we were "capturing" memories, but all the memories I have are of getting my picture taken.   So for our "family" photo, it was time for some payback, so dad had to sit there and get his picture taken for once.  

In the end he is my dad, I look up to him, admire and respect him.  Thanks dad, for everything.



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