Monday, November 14, 2011

Bitter Sweet

Today I took a very big step and decided it was worth posting it to our blog, even though it is not a topic.  Today, I cleaned out my closet and dresser and started getting stuff ready to move to Mount Pleasant.  There were a lot of things that weren't so hard to say goodbye to, and some things that were very difficult to say goodbye to.  One of those very tough things to say adios to were my infamous green pants.  Now, some of you may be very confused as to why it would be so hard to say goodbye to something like green pants, and others of you are probably staring at this screen in dis-belief.  But it is true, I have thrown out the green pants. (Close your mouths and stop cheering!)

Here is the back story for those of you who do not know about the green pants.  I would say probably 4 or 5 years ago I bought this awesome very bright pair of green "lounge" pants from American Eagle.  I was so excited to actually be able to buy something from AE, let alone these super awesome pants.  I wore them a lot.  But they were most famously known as my softball pants.  The joke was that you knew when I had shown up at the Christian Reformed Rec Center because you could see me walking from the parking lot.  It didn't matter, I loved them.  I've never understood why I got made fun of so much for wearing them, but I didn't let it stop me.  I wore them until they were all stretched out, ragged at the bottoms and nearly falling off.

It's a very bitter sweet day.  I have lost a lot of weight since I bought those, so being able to throw them out because they don't fit anymore is a great thing.  But I really did love them.  So to see them go is closing a door on my memories of softball at the rec center.  But I have faith that some day I will find another pair of awesome pants that will create a reaction and carry many memories with them. :)

So, fair-well my green pants.  You were a dear friend.  You assisted me in my softball days, you comforted me on my lounge days and helped me make a statement for many years.  But today I am forced to say goodbye.  It is with heavy heart that I put you in this trash bag and send you on to wherever it is you will end up.  Know that I will carry you with me in my heart for a long time.  Thank you for everything.  Fair-well green pants, fair-well.

Now, to get back on track: our topic this week is  CAR.

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