Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fountain of water

This weeks assignment was to photograph a fountain according to the hat.   It took some time to try to find a fountain that was still being a fountain, so when an opportunity arose, I grabbed it.   This past week I had been working on  a project at work that kinda fit with this topic so when I found myself shooting video of a water fountain I shot a photo of what I was shooting.  Some times I  feel like I have the coolest job ever, I was wondering around campus shooting video of water fountains.    I think these water fountains are the neatest things, you can take a water bottle and easily fill it up right there,  there was a little LED on the top of this guy that said that this fountain had replaced over 9000 water bottles, I think that is pretty cool.  Gotta think green and help save the planet one little bit at a time.

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