Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lego Car

The hat plays with your MIND!  I pulled a topic earlier this week and it revealed the topic of CAR.  Now I am going thru a fun car situation right now, I am driving a sweet Toyota rental right now because my car is getting fixed as we speak, check the blog post from a few topics back about the accident.  So it seemed a bit to easy to photograph my car for this post.

I love Legos and when I have a reason to buy more I don't hesitate.  There is a certain joy of opening the box and dumping them on the table and going to work.  After the assembly, and driving the car around the coffee table while making car noises I got my camera and snapped this photo of the little race car flying thru the air infront of my laptop.  I plan to bring my new race car to work to add to my collection of legos I have there, so ask me next time you see me to see more photos of my legos.  I play with toys at work and take photos of them, please don't tell my boss I play with toys at work.

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