Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This weeks Topic is Devotion-that's why I took a photo of a toilet.  Let me take a moment to tell you why.  This past Monday on my lunch break I pulled a topic, it was Devotion, moments later I got the phone call I dreaded since I moved north to Mt. Pleasant, It was from my older brother, I answered and his voice cracked-"Dad had a stroke".  The next few moments are a bit fuzzy, I hung up with him, paced back and forth, called Erica, then I prayed.
I went back to work that afternoon, I did busy work and waiting for updates on his condition.  I know the news was he had a stroke, but the Miedema's have been here before and we know anything can happen. As my day wrapped up I got in my car and that stupid song about a sparrow came on the radio.
"Let not your heart be troubled,"
his tender word I hear,
and resting on his goodness,
I lose my doubts and fears;
though by the path he leadeth
but one step I may see:
His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know he watches me.

I have no idea what that song means, and a sparrow, just seems kinda weird, my plans was to stop and get orange juice on the ride home, but those words really got to me.  I got home, fought tears and paced again-I figured I did about a mile or so.  At this point I wasn't really praying, but talking to Jesus.  I wanted to know why this happened to my dad?  He is a good man, I know I am not suppose to question the great physician, my brother told me about a nurse who said that to him, but I had question.  I thought about how the weekend before I slept at my parents house and when I got up I found my dad sitting in a chair reading his Bible and his devotional.  (trust me I will tie devotion to a toilet)
I haven't seen my dad since this past weekend, I haven't been able to drive back to Grand Rapids, but I plan to see him this weekend and give him a big hug.  But I find myself thinking about him all the time now.  Thinking about the man that he is and he has been thru out my life, the role model, the hero, the guy that when other kids would say "my dad can beat up your dad" I just laughed and said a proud NO.  We tease a lot, and poke fun now, but I want to grow up and be just like him.  He loves his family and he loves the Lord.  As long as I can remember, he has followed a morning routine-(sorry dad I may be teasing here).  He has spent time every morning using his morning time on the toilet reading his Bible.  The book is so well used it is falling apart.  He is devoted to reading the good book, and this is why I photographed my toilet, I have the good book on the back of my toilet.  I don't read it every morning like he does, but I am going to work on that, I do want to be like him.
Since Monday I have been updated that my dads condition has been slowly improving, the    doctors say he is going to make a full recovery, I hope they are right, He has to walk down the aisle at our wedding.


  1. You amaze me Adam at how well you express yourself and I love what you write. I love you and look forward to spending our lives together growing in devotion to one another and to Christ. Thank you for being open and sharing this with honesty.

  2. Praying for your dad, you and the family. A speedy recovery and for something very positive to come from something negative. Thanks for sharing Adam. Love the toilet!