Monday, December 26, 2011

Better Late then Never

   I know, I's past sun-down on Saturday.  The first time in the several months we've been doing this blog and I slacked.  I can come up with many reasons as to WHY I didn't get this photo up on time, but it doesn't matter...I broke one of the rules.  It still has not been declared what my "punishment" will be.  But, I am here now, posting my Senior Photo Style photo.
   I'm not really sure when this "idea" started, but I remember when Adam and I went on the Grand Haven Photowalk and we had been to Grand Haven before and were kind of done taking photos of the surroundings, so we started taking "Senior Picture Style" photos.  That is my earliest memory of this photo style Adam has proclaimed.  So last week Monday I had the day off, and Adam has been in town on Christmas Break, so after a visit to our jewler Cliff at Chimera Design in Lowell we very briefly wandered around for a place to take our photo of the week.  This is my favorite photo I took because it shows off how good looking, stud muffin of a Fiance.  Who, in just 2 short months (yes, I said 2!!! months), will be my husband. :)  That's right ladies, he's all mine!

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