Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A weekly token

Every day I have three choices, front door, backdoor or thru the studio while entering the office.  The decision usually depends on a few factors but I don't have the time to get into them.  But if I choose thru the studio there is a chance I get see some flowers.  My co-worker always has flowers in a vase sitting on his desk.  These flowers are a gift from his wife, who also works in the office.  She has arguably the best flower garden in all of Mt. P. and every week a sampling of them are picked and positioned next to the computer screen.  When Erica pulled the topic this week, it was one of those things-flowers in December-lets go find a poinsettia.  But the other morning I opted for entering thru the studio door and saw flowers back on his desk, so when I walked by later in the day I broke out the iphone and snapped a photo.  I thought how nice, flowers again even if they are the kind that won't die or wither.

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