Thursday, December 29, 2011


We have been doing this blog for close to a year now, you realize this every time you pull a topic from the hat.  You wonder what you are going to get, and this week the hat gave us HATS.  Interesting topic, but nothing we couldn't handle. 
I will tell you a little story about a speech I once heard.  There was a man on stage addressing a crowd that has gathered in a gym on a warm spring day.  In my line of work I have seen many speeches delivered by politicians, celebrities, scholars and students-but the speech I heard that day was one that I will never forget.  His speech that day was about hats, how over the course of a life time you wear numerous hats.  I remember the man had a hat with a block S representing the college he went, So in my photo there is a hat with a block S on it, my alma mater   The man put an army hat on and talked about how the army had toughed him up-I was never in the army, but I was toughened up working construction, so there is there is my old hard hat.  The man talked about all the hats that he had to wear over the years, husband, father, christian, Tigers fans and more.  In my photo I have hats that represent me over the years, hats I wore to look cool, hats I wore for work, hats that I got from places I have been and teams I have cheered for.  The hats represent the life that I have lived up to this point, and hopefully I can add more hats to it. 
There is one hat on the rack that I never wore and never will wear.  But it is a very special hat, it is a hat from the man who gave the speech.  It was his brown police mans hat he wore for work.
The speech probably fell on many deaf ear that morning, but I listened.  I listened to my dad give the speech about hats at my 6th grade graduation, and never forgot it.   

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