Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Week, A New Topic

Throughout our many weeks of doing this blog adventure, we have had a wide variety of interesting topics.  Some that have taken a lot of thought, energy and planning.  And others that have been more of an after thought.  There are many days I think to myself "are our 52 weeks over yet?", but then I remember the whole reason we decided to do this was so that we were taking photos.  I, Erica, have found the past weeks to be hard to come up with something creative to capture, and even write.  But each week, something presents itself, and each week a little story is written about why the photo was taken.  So, let's hope that this week is no different.  This week is an "Adam Topic":
Check back later this week to see what blooms from this topic. (Sorry, that was cheesy) Till we meet again! :) 

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