Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BMG CD's for a penny

This weeks topic is MUSIC.

The topic is music, but today I heard that Col. Potter passed away, he was one of the actors on one the greatest shows of all time, MASH.  MASH is hands down one of my favorite shows of all time, and when I think back on that program there is a scene that ties into this weeks topic.  In the series final Charles Winchester III teaches a group of POW to play music, those POW are later killed in an attack.  In a somber moment Charles tells the group of 4077 that "music use to be an escape for me..."
That is what music is to me, an escape.  I have figured out that I lose myself in music, I usually work with music playing, most people usually need it to be quiet to concentrate, I'm the opposite.  I need noise, I need music, there are fall back albums, artist and groups, but that is how I work best.  I can't answer who my favorite artist is, what my song is-it varies on mood, on activity and what I have been listening to earlier in the day.
Now for this photo, this is my iphone and home headphones (I have the same pair at work and if you are looking for a good pair of headphones get these, Sony Professional).  I love my phone cause I always have music with me, I throw on my headphones and can block everything out, and escape into the tasty beats that are filling my earholes.

For an extra little treat while taking this photo and writing this post I listened to Bon Jovi-Bad Medicine, and Bed of Roses and then switched it up to Frank Sinatra singing Christmas tunes.

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