Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Knew?

As seems to be a theme with my photo options I had many ideas going through my brain as to what to do with this topic.  How do you go about making a Flower more creative then just taking a photo of a flower and saying "this is a flower" in case you didn't know.  But where is the fun in that?  Where is the challenge in that?  So while I was sitting in a chair at home looking through emails I remembered something that a patient told me at work recently.  He was very talkative and somehow we got on the topic of plants and the odd things he has grown.  Now, I have to take a moment to share something...for the "G" rated viewers I apologize for this part of the story, but I feel I need to share it.  The gentleman was older and little difficult to understand, so when he first informed me of what he and his wife planted I wasn't sure how to react.  Why you may ask?  Well...I could have sworn he told me he grew "penis".  Yes, now you may understand my shock and lack of knowing what to say.  I just said something like "oh, ok...and what kind of plant is that?"  He looked at me a little funny and said..."You know, PEANUTS!, that you eat?"  OH!!!!  Now it makes way more sense!!!  So, now that we've established the type of plant we ARE talking about...he continued to explain that these peanut plants are generally only grown down south but he was able to grow them for a little while here and as many people don't realize (I didn't know this) the peanuts grow in the ground, much like a potato, and the plant buds small yellow flowers.  Now, they aren't anything beautiful, but it is a flower.  Being that you don't normally grow peanuts here, it makes it difficult to photograph a peanut flower, so I went to the next best thing....actual peanuts.  I realize these are already shelled and not the same peanuts that grow from the flower, but they are peanuts that come from the peanuts that are grown.  My flower photo this week is quite abstract but it has a story that leads us to the reason why it works for a flower photo. :)

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