Friday, January 20, 2012

Excited was this weeks topic...

With the topic being Excited ideally I wanted to photograph little kids on Christmas, but it's January.  So I gave myself another challenge, in the course of the week I had to gauge my own excitement about what was going on.  Now I have to say that yesterday was a great day, I got to see Erica for dinner.  Dinner together in the middle of the week isn't something we get to do often.  That was really an exciting opportunity, but what I had photographed was the events of Tuesday evening.  The story begins on Monday, after a long busy day at work I had no energy to go to the store, so I just headed home, when I got there I ate what I could find, I had some microwave dinner type thing.  I wasn't good.  So Tuesday it was grocery day, and then my fridge got food, so I could get fed.  I have to say I was very excited to be able to open the fridge and see food and not have to stare at empty shelfs when you are hungry.
It is the little things that excite me some times and having more then just apple sauce and O.J, do that when you're hungry.

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