Friday, January 13, 2012

January 11, 2012

My favorite place was the topic, and I struggled.  It seems like an easy topic, but I struggled.  I struggled with the fact that I don't know if I have a favorite place.  I thought for almost a week on this.  My apartment, my bed, my couch, I have already photographed those.  I thought about taking a photo of myself with my feet up watching a movie, but I am not sure if that is my favorite place.  I thought about taking a photo of Erica, but I have already done that too.  I couldn't and can't say ____________is my favorite place, which frustrated me to a certain extent.  So then I went to the other spectrum, what is my least favorite place, I couldn't decided that either.
I dare you to think of your favorite place, really think-be true to yourself, don't say something that just sounds good like church.  I tried, and thought about this all week.  Here it is Friday afternoon and all I know is that I may not know where or what my favorite place is, but I have come to the realization that I haven't found my favorite place yet.  That kind of excites me- I look forward to the adventure of finding my favorite place.  It happens alot in movies where people say things like-'I come here to think' and they are on top of building in downtown NYC or sitting in a tree branch in Alabama-maybe I will end up with a cool favorite place someday, maybe I won't but at this point I am okay with still wondering.
Now as for my photo, this is a photo I took with my iphone leaving earlier this week.  It's January, it was warm enough to make the sky this beautiful color and also warm enough for me to have my sunroof open...Maybe my favorite place is Michigan? cause I love surprises like this-50 degrees in January with 6-8inches of snow a few days later.

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