Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Exciting Time

I found this topic to be a difficult topic to photograph.  There are a lot of things that are exciting in life, but a lot of those things are spur of the moment type things that you just need to be ready for.  All week this topic kept bugging me.  What can I photograph that will show excitement? And this one thing kept popping into my head.  Our wedding.  A wedding has to be one of the most exciting (stressful and enjoyable) milestones in a couples life.  It is the mark of a new life together.  A commitment to always be there for the other person, to love and cherish them and support them.  I will admit, I haven't been one of those brides that all I can think about is wedding wedding wedding.  And this scared me a little bit being that it seemed everyone I talked to just kept saying "Oh this is SUCH an exciting time in your life!" It has been exciting.  It has been fun. But, now...we're 35 days away from our wedding!  35 days...5 days over a month!  To me, that is exciting!  It's a little scary, but mostly exciting.  I can't wait to see how everything comes together.  Most of all, I am excited to walk down the aisle, look into Adams eyes and public declare my love and commitment to him.  And then, HONEYMOON BABY! :) hehe  This is an exciting time.

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