Monday, January 16, 2012

Gorgeous and Peaceful

Sunday morning, I still had not taken my favorite place photo.  I walked out of Marcus and Lynell's house and was greeted with a brilliant picture.  This sunrise.  And in addition to that we had gotten quite a bit of snow.  So the combination of the two was breathtaking.  There is something about God's creation that leaves me speechless at times.  I stand in awe of his artistic hand.  How he can paint the skies with these brilliant colors.  How he covers the ground with white snow.  How the waves from the lake roll and create such a majesticness that is breath taking.  So when I think of my favorite place, I think of God's creation.  So when I walked out of that door and saw this site I knew I needed to photograph it.  It brought happiness, peace and awe to me that morning.  Thank you Father for sharing your beauty with us in the way of your creation.

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