Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Too Many"

For the past 7+ years I have worked as an optician.  For those who may not know what an optician is here is an explanation: An optician is the person you would see at your eye doctors office who would help you with anything to do with glasses.  From helping you pick out your new frames to adjusting or fixing your glasses.  There are definitely some perks to my job, one of which is the ability to get glasses for super inexpensive.  When I started in this "career" I never thought I would become boarder line obsessed with glasses, but over the past couple of years I must admit, I have.  At my current place of employment I have more responsibilities then just glasses, but the glasses are arguably the funnest part of my job.  When Adam informed me our topic was "Job" I really had no idea what to photograph.  But then one day it hit me.  I have A LOT of glasses, and we have displays at work that I could use to display my glasses.  So Thursday night before my last wedding shower before the wedding (WOW), I carried all of my glasses (it did take multiple trips) and set up a little display on the table.  I will be honest, I was amazed at how many glasses I have!  Kind of ridiculous.  When patients ask me how many I have, while I could give them an accurate answer I will stick with my "too many" response :)

(this photo doesn't display all of my glasses)

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